“Boina Pirineos”, peaked beret (Stroker Cap), in Black


Boina Pirineos Peaked Beret, made  by Elosgui of Tolosa, Spain.



The ‘Boina Pirineos” is a peaked beret, stroker-style cap,   made in Tolosa, Spain by Elosegui of hand selected 100% Merlino wool.  This is a new item from Elosegui, a bit like a beret casquette in France.  These are made to the same high standards as the Super Lujo beret by Elosegui.

I have two sizes, a medium and a large.  Now I have a big head, just over 7 3/4 hat size, or about 62cm, and I have a difficult time finding hats that fit my giant Norwegian/English head.  The Large fits me but I would say it’s not really deep enough for a truly comfortable fit; maybe if my hair was shorter it would fit ok but I would say the large will fit up to  a  7 3/4 head or 60cm. The medium will fit 7 to 7 1/2, or 54 to 58cm   They have elastic in the headband so they do adjust a bit, and there is also a piece of foam in the front, for shaping, so you could take that out if you have a big head and really want one.  The front cap area is sewn down; it does not unsnap.

Elosegui is the only brand of beret I sell and this is the first non-beret I’m offering.

Difficult to find even in Spain, you have found what I, in my humble opinion, consider to be THE greatest boina, or beret made. This Basque Beret is from the Spanish Basque region, made by Boinas Elósegui, a small family company; one of the last beret makers outside of China. These high quality beret are made of a substantial, superior quality black 100% wool that is woven and felted by the company. I have seen and owned a lot of berets over the years and have never found one I would consider equal in quality.  A bold statement I know but I have been selling these on ebay for over a decade now and have had nothing but praise; and many reorders.

A great value made by a small 150+ year old family company in the Basque region of Spain. You can find this berets costing over $85; it’s that nice and it’s that great a value (and my profit margin is that low).

comes in two sizes: Small/Medium, for heads up to 7 1/2 and then Medium/Large, for heads up to 7 3/4 (I’m just over 7 3/4 and the M/L won’t fit my head).


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Small/Medium, Medium/Large


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