Basque Berets made by Elósegui of Tolosa, Spain

Studio Boina, home of the finest Basque berets from Spain

Studio Boina, home of the finest Basque berets from Spain

Hello, welcome to my beret site, where I offer Spanish Basque Berets made by Elosegui of Tolosa, Spain.  I am pretty sure I offer the largest selection of Elosegui berets in the world; with many colors and sizes available only through my site.

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My journey offering these Spanish made Basque Berets started after I lost my own beret along with my luggage on a flight back home.  On my following European trip I searched every shop I came across, from Paris to Barcelona, and never found a beret like the beret I lost that I  had bought in San Sebastian.  So I contacted the factory, Bonias Elósegui, in Tolosa, Spain and bought a dozen berets, thinking I would keep a few for myself and sell the balance on Ebay.  Well, they sold so quickly I decided to buy two more dozen.  Then people asked for a smaller size, larger size, different colors and now ten plus years later I have pretty much every stock size and color offered; including many special-order colors only available through my shop. I now ship these great berets world wide; even back to Spain!

You can view photos from customers on my Beret Buyer’s Tribute Page. Why are these berets so great, why spend $35+ on a beret when you see beret for $5 on ebay?  Well, it’s all about the quality.  Those cheap berets you see are mostly made in China from a lightweight mix of fibers that are felted into the shape of a beret.  The berets I sell are made by a family company with over 150 years of tradition behind them.  They only use the finest pure wool, I’ve even had orders held back because they didn’t approve of the wool batch they received.  They don’t just felt bits of wool and other fibers like the cheap berets, no, they spin, then weave, felt, and then hand shape the berets. Take a look at this video about the production process of making a beret at Elosegui in Tolosa, Spain.  I own several brands of berets, from a pancake thin Kangol to a quite nice French brand.  I don’t know quite how to explain it but even the pricey French brand just doesn’t feel right.  I made the mistake a few summers ago of only taking this French brand 11.5″ beret to Europe as my only head wear.  While it seemed fine at the start of the trip by the second week I was really regretting I hadn’t brought my trust Spanish beret along.  There is just something about the feel, the weight, the texture of the Elósegui berets. Yes, this is highly subjective I know but I truly believe these are the finest berets made and that is the  reason why I don’t offer any other brands of beret.

So, now that I have your attention, how can you buy one of these great berets?  First off, I do not sell berets with leather headbands;  I find them uncomfortable, the leather is often of poor quality, they quickly become stiff from the salts in perspiration;  they just don’t conform to most head shapes.  So, all the berets I sell use the beret material as the headband.  All sizes come from the factory with the same 6.5 inch headband diameter, the wearer then needs to stretch the headband area to fit their head.  Once stretched the beret pretty much stays that size.  I include simple instructions and have a youtube video as well. So the key is finding the correct outer diameter. I offer berets from the tiny 9.5 (custom size I ordered)  to the giant 14.5 inch Txepeldun.  Please take a look at the the photos on my Tribute Page, maybe draw a circle on a piece of paper, or measure a plate, to get an idea of the sizes.  My beret stretching video is also a great place to start; so you understand how the sizing works.

Choosing a size is a very personal decision, and it depends on your head size too.  It’s difficult for me to advise but I can tell you that I have a big head, hat size 7 3/4+. I like to wear an 11 inch for when I want a close fitting beret, say for working in the garden or shop, but mostly wear a 12.5 inch so I have some beret to shape and to get some protection from rain and sun.  The sizes above 12.5 inch start to look quite big and that ‘Renaissance’ look needs to be something you’re looking for.  But I do accept exchanges (and refunds) if you discover you ordered the wrong size. The standard factory colors are Black, Red, and Blue.  For me to get any other color I need to place a 6 dozen order and they must all be the same size.  So, I do my best to offer several custom colors but they are in limited size options.  I currently have the following custom colors:  9.5″ black, 11″ light blue, 11.5″ dark brown, , 11.5″ grey, 11.5″ natural, 12″ Khaki, 12.5 moss green, 12.5″ dark red, 12.5″ Camel, 12.5 Dk. Grey/Charcoal,   13″ burgundy, and 14.5″ light blue.


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If you don’t want to use Paypal you can  wire funds, or send me a U.S. Dollar check to:

Ron Greer 5218 20th Avenue NW, #210, Seattle, Washington 98107

Shipping within the USA is $4, $5 for two berets, $7 to Canada or Mexico, and $13.50 elsewhere

Have a question?  email me at: [email protected], or call me at: 206-679-6877 (Pacific Time)

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